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Girl names that start with letter A

25 Gorgeous Girl Names that Start with the Letter “A” (2024)

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We present a list of girl names and their meaning, they all start with the letter “A” and are Absolutely gorgeous and unique!

  1. Ava – Life or bird in Latin, and water in Persian.
  2. Amelia – Work, industriousness, and fertility. Originates from the Germanic word amal.
  3. Abigail – Source of joy. From the Hebrew for “my father’s joy.”
  4. Aria – Air in Italian, melody or song.
  5. Audrey – Noble strength. From Old English elements meaning “noble” and “strength.”
  6. Anna – Grace or favor. From the Hebrew name Hannah.
  7. Addison – Son of Adam, originating from an English surname meaning “son of Addie (a pet form of Adam).”
  8. Ariel – Lion of God. A Hebrew name found in the Bible.
  9. Alice – Noble or exalted. From the Old French name Aalis, a short form of Adelais, itself a derivation from the Germanic name Adalheidis.
  10. Alexandra – Defender of mankind. Feminine form of Alexander, from Greek.
  11. Anastasia – Resurrection. A name of Greek origin, reflecting the Christian concept of being born again.
  12. Amy – Beloved. From the Latin amatus, meaning “to love.”
  13. Athena – Goddess of wisdom and warfare in Greek mythology.
  14. Annabelle – A combination of Anna (grace) and Belle (beauty).
  15. Aaliyah – Exalted, high, sublime. Of Arabic origin.
  16. Adriana – From the city of Adria or the Adriatic sea. Latin origin.
  17. Alana – Precious; awakening. Possibly derived from the old Irish word alainn, meaning “beautiful.”
  18. Angela – Angel or messenger of God. From the Greek angelos.
  19. Alison – Of noble kind. A Norman French diminutive of Aalis (Alice).
  20. Alicia – Noble natured. A variant of Alice, with Spanish and English origins.
  21. Amara – Grace, mercy, kindness. Has origins in multiple languages including Igbo and Sanskrit.
  22. April – Opening, referring to the season when trees and flowers begin to “open.”
  23. Aspen – Named after the aspen tree, symbolizing protection and resilience.
  24. Aurora – Dawn. Latin origin, also the Roman goddess of the morning.
  25. Autumn – The season of fall, symbolizing transition and change.

Each name carries its own unique significance and cultural background.