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100 Beautiful Girl Names Starting with "L" and Their Meanings

100 Beautiful Girl Names Starting with “L” and Their Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is a significant decision and a wonderful journey. If you love names that start with the letter “L,” you’re in luck! From timeless classics to unique finds, the letter “L” offers a variety of beautiful names.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 100 girl names starting with “L,” along with their origins and meanings.

1. Laura

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Laurel tree, symbolizing honor and victory.

2. Lydia

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Woman from Lydia, an ancient region in Western Asia Minor known for its rich gold deposits.

3. Lily

Origin: English. Meaning: The lily flower, a symbol of purity and refined beauty.

4. Lila

Origin: Arabic, Sanskrit. Meaning: In Arabic, it means night, beauty; in Sanskrit, it represents play, amusement.

5. Leila

Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Night or dark beauty, often associated with the beauty of the night sky.

6. Leah

Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Weary, but also interpreted as ruler or princess in different texts.

7. Lana

Origin: Slavic, Gaelic. Meaning: Light, little rock.

8. Lacey

Origin: French. Meaning: From Lassy, Normandy, and symbolizes a person from a place of Lassy.

9. Lillian

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Lily, representing purity and beauty.

10. Lucille

Origin: French. Meaning: Light, symbolizing brightness and light in life.

11. Lena

Origin: Greek, Arabic. Meaning: Ray of light, palm tree.

12. Leticia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Joy or happiness.

13. Louisa

Origin: Germanic. Meaning: Renowned warrior.

14. Livia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Envious or blue, also related to life.

15. Layla

Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Night, dark beauty.

16. London

Origin: English. Meaning: From the great river.

17. Lilith

Origin: Assyrian. Meaning: Belonging to the night; in Jewish folklore, known as a figure of power.

18. Logan

Origin: Scottish. Meaning: Little hollow.

19. Liberty

Origin: English. Meaning: Freedom.

20. Lola

Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Sorrows, derived from Dolores.

21. Leslie

Origin: Scottish, Gaelic. Meaning: Garden of holly.

22. Lyla

Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Night.

23. Lorraine

Origin: French. Meaning: From the province of Lorraine.

24. Liana

Origin: French. Meaning: To twine around, as a vine.

25. Lorelei

Origin: German. Meaning: Alluring enchantress from the Rhine legends.

26. Lorna

Origin: Scottish. Meaning: Fox, invented by novelist R. D. Blackmore.

27. Luz

Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Light.

28. Lindsay

Origin: English. Meaning: Linden tree island.

29. Lucinda

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Light; a variant of Lucia.

30. Liliana

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Lily, a symbol of purity.

31. Lilac

Origin: Persian. Meaning: Flower, pale purple color.

32. Louella

Origin: English. Meaning: Combination of Lou and Ella, meaning renowned warrior and light or beautiful woman.

33. Luciana

Origin: Italian, Latin. Meaning: Light; feminine form of Lucius.

34. Larissa

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Citadel.

35. Lissette

Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: God’s promise, derived from Elizabeth.

36. Leonora

Origin: Italian. Meaning: Light; a variant of Eleanor.

37. Leanne

Origin: English. Meaning: Combination of Lee (meadow) and Anne (grace).

38. Linnea

Origin: Swedish. Meaning: Lime tree or twinflower, named after Carl Linnaeus.

39. Liv

Origin: Norse. Meaning: Life or shelter.

40. Letitia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Joy, happiness.

41. Lois

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Superior or better.

42. Leona

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Lioness.

43. Lyra

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Lyre, a musical instrument.

44. Lark

Origin: English. Meaning: Songbird.

45. Linette

Origin: Welsh. Meaning: Idol, linnet bird.

46. Leilani

Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: Heavenly flowers.

47. Lucero

Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Bright star.

48. Luella

Origin: English. Meaning: Combination of Lou (renowned warrior) and Ella (beautiful, fairy maiden).

49. Laverne

Origin: French. Meaning: Springlike, green.

50. Linden

Origin: English. Meaning: Lime tree, representing protection and healing.

51. Lotus

Origin: Greek. Meaning: The lotus flower, symbolizing purity and enlightenment.

52. Lakshmi

Origin: Sanskrit. Meaning: Sign of good fortune, a Hindu goddess of wealth and purity.

53. Lucrezia

Origin: Italian. Meaning: Profit, wealth.

54. Liane

Origin: French. Meaning: Vine or bond.

55. Lavender

Origin: English. Meaning: Lavender herb or pale purple color.

56. Lyanna

Origin: American invented. Meaning: Possibly derived from Liana, meaning my God has answered.

57. Leandra

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Lion man, feminine form of Leander.

58. Lulu

Origin: Arabic, Swahili. Meaning: Pearl.

59. Loretta

Origin: Italian. Meaning: Laurel tree, a symbol of honor.

60. Lisbeth

Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: God is my oath; a diminutive of Elisabeth.

61. Lynette

Origin: Welsh. Meaning: Idol, small beauty.

62. Laraine

Origin: French. Meaning: The Sorrowful.

63. Laureen

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Laurel tree.

64. Lyric

Origin: English. Meaning: Lyric, words of a song.

65. Leora

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Light.

66. Lennie

Origin: English. Meaning: Brave as a lion, diminutive form of Leonard.

67. Liesel

Origin: German. Meaning: God is my oath; a diminutive of Elisabeth.

68. Lexi

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Defender of man; diminutive form of Alexandra.

69. Lilah

Origin: Arabic. Meaning: Night.

70. Lula

Origin: African, German. Meaning: Pearl or calm, peaceful.

71. Lainey

Origin: English. Meaning: Bright light; diminutive form of Elaine.

72. Luzia

Origin: Spanish, Portuguese. Meaning: Light.

73. Lorna

Origin: Scottish. Meaning: Fox; invented by novelist R. D. Blackmore.

74. Lottie

Origin: English. Meaning: Free man; diminutive form of Charlotte.

75. Lyndsey

Origin: English. Meaning: Lincoln’s wetland.

76. Lelia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Well-spoken.

77. Lauretta

Origin: Italian. Meaning: Little laurel.

78. Liane

Origin: French. Meaning: Vine or bond.

79. Livia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Envious or blue.

80. Liora

Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Light.

81. Lucina

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Light; Roman goddess of childbirth.

82. Linsey

Origin: English. Meaning: Linden tree island.

83. Lucille

Origin: French. Meaning: Light.

84. Ludmila

Origin: Slavic. Meaning: People’s favor.

85. Lamia

Origin: Arabic, Greek. Meaning: Radiant, in Greek mythology, a child-eating monster.

86. Lysandra

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Liberator.

87. Laverna

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Goddess of thieves in Roman mythology.

88. Laetitia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Joy, happiness.

89. Livia

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Envious or blue.

90. Leocadia

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Clear, bright.

91. Lucette

Origin: French. Meaning: Little light.

92. Luann

Origin: American. Meaning: Combination of Lou and Ann.

93. Lenora

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Light; variation of Eleanor.

94. Leda

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Woman, mythological figure seduced by Zeus in swan form.

95. Lianne

Origin: French. Meaning: To twine around; a variant of Liana.

96. Lake

Origin: English. Meaning: A body of water that is surrounded by land.

97. Lynne

Origin: English. Meaning: Lake, a serene and calm body of water.

98. Leontine

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Lion-like, symbolizing courage and strength.

99. Loreen

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Crowned with laurel, denoting honor and victory in ancient traditions.

100. Laverne

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Born in the spring, symbolizing renewal and growth.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a name for your child can be a wonderful exploration of culture and meaning. Whether you prefer names with a deep historical significance or modern names with unique twists, there’s something magical about finding the perfect name that begins with “L.” We hope this list helps you in your journey to find the perfect name for your little one!