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100 Beautiful Girl Names Starting with "C" and Their Meanings

100 Beautiful Girl Names Starting with “C” and Their Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby girl this 2024 can be both an exciting and daunting task.

Names are powerful, carrying with them the essence of identity and the whispers of heritage.

If you’re drawn to names beginning with the letter “C,” you’re in luck.

We’ve gather a list of 100 beautiful girl names starting with “C,” complete with their meanings, to inspire you on your journey to finding the perfect name.

  1. Charlotte – A French feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning “free man” or “petite.”
  2. Chloe – Of Greek origin, meaning “blooming” or “fertility.”
  3. Claire – French for “clear” or “bright.”
  4. Camila – Latin, meaning “young ceremonial attendant.”
  5. Caroline – A feminine form of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  6. Clara – Latin, signifying “clear,” “bright,” or “famous.”
  7. Cecilia – Of Latin origin, meaning “blind” or “the way for the blind.”
  8. Catherine – Greek, meaning “pure” or “clear.”
  9. Cara – Latin for “dear” or “beloved.”
  10. Celeste – Latin, meaning “heavenly.”
  11. Cassidy – Irish, signifying “curly-haired” or “clever.”
  12. Callie – Greek, meaning “most beautiful.”
  13. Camille – French, from the Latin “Camillus,” meaning “young ceremonial attendant.”
  14. Cadence – Latin, meaning “rhythm” or “flow.”
  15. Caitlin – Irish form of Catherine, meaning “pure.”
  16. Crystal – Greek, meaning “ice” or “clear.”
  17. Carmen – Latin, meaning “song” or “poem.”
  18. Christina – Greek, signifying “follower of Christ.”
  19. Corinne – Greek, meaning “maiden.”
  20. Cindy – A diminutive of Cynthia, Greek for “from Mount Kynthos.”
  21. Courtney – French, meaning “courtly” or “courteous.”
  22. Chelsea – English, referring to “a landing place” or “port.”
  23. Christine – French form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  24. Celia – Latin, derived from Cecilia, meaning “heavenly.”
  25. Caitlyn – Variant of Caitlin, meaning “pure.”
  26. Candice – Latinized form of the Greek “Kandake,” meaning “queen mother.”
  27. Cleo – Greek, short for Cleopatra, meaning “glory of the father.”
  28. Connie – Diminutive of Constance, Latin for “steadfast.”
  29. Carla – Feminine form of Carl, German for “free man.”
  30. Charity – Latin, meaning “dear” or “beloved.”
  31. Chanel – French, associated with the Chanel fashion brand, originally meaning “canal.”
  32. Ciara – Irish, meaning “dark-haired.”
  33. Colette – French, diminutive of Nicole, meaning “people of victory.”
  34. Coral – Latin, referring to the semi-precious sea growth.
  35. Corina – Greek, meaning “maiden.”
  36. Clarissa – Latin, meaning “bright,” “clear,” or “famous.”
  37. Carmella – Hebrew, meaning “garden” or “vineyard.”
  38. Cecelia – Variant of Cecilia, meaning “blind.”
  39. Charlene – French, feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  40. Cameron – Scottish, meaning “crooked nose.”
  41. Cassie – English, diminutive of Cassandra, meaning “she who entangles men.”
  42. Calista – Greek, meaning “most beautiful.”
  43. Catalina – Spanish form of Catherine, meaning “pure.”
  44. Cora – Greek, short for Corinna, meaning “maiden.”
  45. Cher – French, meaning “dear one” or “beloved.”
  46. Cherry – English, from the fruit, symbolizing sweetness and beauty.
  47. Christ – Latin form of Christ, meaning “anointed.”
  48. Clarice – Latin, variant of Clarissa, meaning “famous.”
  49. Cressida – Greek, from the Trojan myth, meaning “gold.”
  50. Carissa – Greek, meaning “grace” or “kindness.”
  51. Carly – English, diminutive of Carlotta, meaning “free man.”
  52. Carys – Welsh, meaning “love.”
  53. Cassia – Latin, from the cinnamon spice, symbolizing sweetness and spice.
  54. Celestine – Latin, meaning “heavenly.”
  55. Celina – Latin, variant of Selena, meaning “moon.”
  56. Chantal – French, meaning “stone” or “boulder.”
  57. Charis – Greek, meaning “grace” or “kindness.”
  58. Charissa – Greek, variant of Charis, meaning “grace.”
  59. Charmaine – English, possibly meaning “song.”
  60. Chaya – Hebrew, meaning “life.”
  61. Cherish – English, meaning “to treasure” or “care for deeply.”
  62. Cheyanne – Native American, meaning “people of a different speech.”
  63. Chiara – Italian, meaning “clear” or “bright.”
  64. Christiana – Latin, feminine form of Christian, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  65. Cicely – English, variant of Cecilia, meaning “blind.”
  66. Cierra – Spanish, meaning “mountain.”
  67. Clancy – Irish, meaning “red warrior.”
  68. Claudia – Latin, meaning “lame” or “enclosure.”
  69. Clementine – French, meaning “mild” or “merciful.”
  70. Clio – Greek, meaning “glory.”
  71. Clover – English, signifying luck and prosperity.
  72. Colleen – Irish, meaning “girl.”
  73. Constance – Latin, meaning “constant” or “steadfast.”
  74. Coralie – French, related to Coral, symbolizing the sea’s beauty.
  75. Coretta – Latin, diminutive of Cora, meaning “maiden.”
  76. Cori – Greek, diminutive of Corinna, meaning “maiden.”
  77. Cornelia – Latin, meaning “horn.”
  78. Cosette – French, meaning “little thing.”
  79. Cristal – Spanish, meaning “crystal.”
  80. Cydney – English, variant of Sydney, meaning “wide meadow.”
  81. Cynthia – Greek, meaning “from Mount Kynthos.”
  82. Cyra – Persian, meaning “sun” or “throne.”
  83. Calypso – Greek, meaning “she who hides.”
  84. Camellia – Latin, from the flower, symbolizing admiration and perfection.
  85. Candace – Latinized form of a title used by Ethiopian queens, meaning “queen mother.”
  86. Caprice – Italian, meaning “whim.”
  87. Carey – Irish, meaning “dark” or “from the fort.”
  88. Carina – Latin, meaning “dear little one.”
  89. Carlene – German, feminine form of Carl, meaning “free man.”
  90. Carmindy – A modern creation, possibly derived from Carmel and Melinda, symbolizing beauty.
  91. Carol – English, meaning “song” or “hymn.”
  92. Carolina – Latin, feminine form of Carolus, meaning “free man.”
  93. Casey – Irish, meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.”
  94. Celestia – Latin, an elaboration of Celeste, meaning “heavenly.”
  95. Charlize – French, feminine form of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  96. Christie – English, diminutive of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  97. Claribel – Latin, meaning “bright and beautiful.”
  98. Clementina – Italian, diminutive of Clementine, meaning “mild” or “merciful.”
  99. Clodagh – Irish, named after the River Clodagh, symbolizing purity and strength.
  100. Carena – Latin, meaning “beloved.”

Whether you’re looking for a name that’s classic or unique, this list offers a wealth of options, each with its own special meaning and history. May your choice bring joy and a sense of identity to your little one.

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