You are currently viewing “First Steps and Beyond: Essential Toys for 9-12 Month Olds”
"First Steps and Beyond: Essential Toys for 9-12 Month Olds"

“First Steps and Beyond: Essential Toys for 9-12 Month Olds”

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For babies aged 9 to 12 months, sensorial toys become even more engaging and interactive, as they are likely starting to move more, possibly crawling or taking their first steps.

They are also developing more advanced motor skills and beginning to understand cause and effect.

Toys that encourage exploration, problem-solving, and physical activity are particularly beneficial for this age group.

Here are some appropriate sensorial toys:

  • Shape Sorters: These toys are great for developing problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. They also teach about shapes and colors. Our Recommended Product is the Bambino Shape Sorting Cube
  • Musical Instruments: Continue with musical toys, such as drums, xylophones, or simple keyboards. These toys are great for auditory development and can help with rhythm and coordination. Our Recommendation is the LOOIKOOS Toddler Musical Instruments
  • Blocks and Building Toys: Large, easy-to-stack blocks or interlocking toys like large Lego Duplo blocks encourage creativity and fine motor skills. We love the Tiny Land® Boho Mama best wooden blocks for kids.
  • Interactive Books: Books with flaps to lift, textures to feel, or buttons to press for sounds are engaging and can help develop language skills.We highly Recommend Farm Sounds
  • Bath Toys: Bath toys that encourage pouring, squirting, or floating can make bath time a fun sensory experience. Like the Nuby Wacky Waterworks Pipes Bath Toy with Interactive Features for Cognitive Development
  • Activity Centers or Tables: These often include a variety of activities that engage different senses and encourage babies to stand or balance. We Recommend the Fisher- Price Baby Toddler Toy 3-in-1 Hit Wonder Activity Center & Play Table with Music Lights & Developmental Toys Ages 6+ Months
  • Textured Balls: Balls with different surfaces, sizes, and sounds are great for tactile exploration and coordination. We Recommend the Lemostaar 6pc Sensory Balls for Kids 
  • Sensory Bins: Filled with safe, age-appropriate items like large beads, soft fabric pieces, or foam shapes, sensory bins can be a treasure trove of tactile exploration. We love this 5 in 1 Baby Montessori Toys Set 

In Summary

Always ensure that the toys are safe for the baby, with no small parts that could pose a choking hazard, and are made from non-toxic materials.

As babies at this age are increasingly mobile and curious, it’s important to supervise them during play to ensure they stay safe.

At this stage, babies are also beginning to understand more complex cause-and-effect relationships and may start showing preferences for certain types of play, so it’s good to observe their interests and provide toys that align with them.